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production of rootstocks

In an area as big as 30 ha located in Hungary, we produce rootstocks of Austrian, German and French origin. The commonly used material are basic vine seeds tested to be resistent against plant diseases like virus, mallenders or Stolbur illness.  

The rootstocks grow in a organically natural surrounding in a process called „large space breeding“. This method allows longest possible insolation of leaves and therefore leads to best grape maturity conditions. 

Package units

According to customer´s requirement, the rods of  rootstocks are cut and bundled to varying lenght (25–150 cm/ 10-60 inch). It is also possible to purchase premade grafting rootstocks. (leaf buds blended, vine cut to grafting bud).

Controll of grapevines quality and health

The rootstocks are subject to permanent controlls by breeders, public certification authorities as well as our company´s professional stuff.


Quality means

  • purity of variety and genuineness
  • highest possible healthiness of our plants (constant test sampling and continuous examinations of eventual scurf-, virose- or Stolbur illness)
  • well-balanced nutrition supply of mother vine stocks during the vegetation period   and therefore complete mature vine shoots
  • usage of only upright grown, unhurt and strong (7 –12 mm) shoots

storage from harvest to delivery by constantly cold temperature conditions (2 – 4 C)

rootstocks (pdf)