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production of grafted vines

Our company is specialised in cultivating grafted vines in all current and approved types and clones here in Austria. On clients demand we are also capable to produce any desired combination of  grafted vines.

Production of high phylum grape-vines

In order to take account of latest developments in the field of viniculture, we also produce  all current varieties of grapes like high phylum grapevines( lenght: 50-100 cm/ 20 - 40 inches).

Packaging unit

  • Our grafted vines are prepared for sale as follows:
  • coated with paraffin wax, shoot and root crop
  • packages in bags, bonded and labelled
  • Our Pfropfreben are stored professionally at  +2 C/ 35.6 Fahrenheit) in a cold storage house until delivery.  

 Controll of grape-vines quality and health

Our grafted vines are being controlled continuously by breeders, public authorities, our company´s professional stuff as well as during the complete production process.

Quality stands for:

  • purity of variety and genuineness of our grafting partners
  • highest possible healthiness of our plants
  • complete connation of graft and rootstock, completely closed root wreath
  • exceptionally comprehensive customer service

On client´s demand and if previously expense payment is agreed upon, we are going to start to submit grafted vines a hot water therapy. This is a preventive action in order to preserve the vinegrapes against plant diseases like flavescence dorée, agrobacterium vitis  or „Stolbur phytoplasma“

White vine varities (pdf)

Red vine varities (pdf)

Fungus species resitent varities (pdf)

Table vine varities (pdf)