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Welcome to Kober & Kohlfürst Viniculture

Grapevine production since 1890

Today´s company Kober & Kohlfürst – Viniculture started its business in 1993 by fusion  of the two vine growing farms “Sigmund Teleki” and “Franz Kober”. Even during the 19th und 20th centuries, these two enterprises were the most important grape-vine production sites in Europe.


  • Production and trade with grafted vines
  • Production und trade with rootstocks
  • Automatically implemented vine growing
  • Automatically implemented vineyard uprooting
  • Commerce and development of special machines applied in viticulture and horticulture technology
  • Commerce with special products applied in viticulture and horticulture companies
  • Specialist councelling


Please visit also the homepage of our hungarian company Teleki-Kober Szölöoltvány Kft.:

 Kober & Kohlfürst Viniculture – Your Specialist for Grapevines